The Dunes

Best Beach Horse Ride in the World

Beach Horse Rides

Experience the “Best Ever” beach horse ride at The Dunes Riding stables in Noordhoek, near Cape Town, at the southern tip of Africa.

Blissfull Beach Horse Ride

Walking through waves on a Noordhoek beach ride
Our horses love the water and willingly walk through the breaking waves while you look out to sea to spot passing whales, dolphins and seals. You can amble along the tide line or splash through the shallow seasonal lagoon bordering the sand dunes.

The Dunes Kakapo Horse Trail takes you all the way along Noordhoek Beach to explore the broken ribs and rusted boiler of the Kakapo shipwreck, still visible in the soft white sand after more than 100 years.

To top off the best beach horse ride ever, advanced riders may choose to gallop down the race-horse sand track, to get a feel of what it is like to ride a winner!

Let your dreams come true with a Noordhoek Beach Horse Ride

Carrie on Dancer


“Nothing tops a gallop on Noordhoek Beach - it's the best!”

“A whale jumped while I was trotting through the waves, I couldn't believe it!”

“My daughter and I had the best horse ride ever.”

“We were on the beach in a second, without stepping foot on a single road.”

Walking through the surf on a Noordhoek beach ride
“There is something very appealing about riding an ex-race horse, whose mane was previously plaited for the parade ring, but has now grown long and flies wildly in the wind.”

Special Occasion Beach Horse Rides

Surprise your loved one with a horse ride to a secret location in the sand dunes, where a bottle of champagne is waiting for you. It’s the perfect opportunity for you to pledge your undying love.

Kathy at The Dunes

Where to Find the Dunes Horse Riding & Racing Stables

The Dunes Riding Stables is at the end of Protea Road, just off Beach Road, in the sleepy village of Noordhoek. The stables are positioned in the sand dunes, so you are on the beach within a minute of mounting your horse. We do not ride within sight or sound of any roads.

Beach rides go out at any time you like - just call to make an appointment.


1 hour beach ride – R850 - available daily